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We are excited to announce our newest way to help you reach your potential, E-lessons.  E-lessons can be used to supplement your regular work, or help you get started towards finding your best game.


How it works…

Send us a video of your latest swings.  These can be swings or pitches from a game or simply into a net in the basement.  A VSTC instructor will analyze the video, give voice over coaching cues, and utilize the tools provided in our applications.  Each hitter will be directed to videos of specific drills that will aid in their development process. Big league hitters may also be used as examples.


How to share…

Sharing your videos can be done in one of two easy ways.

  1. Email the video directly through the Coaches Eye App.
  2. Add the video to Dropbox with the email Chuckvan17@yahoo.com


Videos should be recorded at the following angles:

Hitting: from the catcher’s view, or from the opposite batter’s box

Pitching: from the front of the pitcher (arm side), from the catcher’s view, or from the center fielder’s view

We will be running a trial of our new E-lesson program for the next two months.

Purchase 1 E-lesson for $25

Purchase 5+ E lessons upfront for $20 per session

Contact the VSTC to purchase your E-lessons today at 248 874 4920.


The learning process never ends.  Our E-lesson program allows you to continue learning at all times.

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