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Complete Program Listing: 2019-2020 Advanced Throwers Academy

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2019-2020 Advanced Throwers Academy


09/10/2019 5:00 PM - 03/07/2019 6:30 PM

Program Details

Age Group

Grades Grades 8-12




2019-2020 Advanced Throwers Academy


Tuesdays and Thursdays (Saturdays in November and December)

Grades 8-12

9/10 to 3/5

We are entering the fifth year of our newest athletic performance program at the facility, Advanced Throwers Academy.  The program was designed for pitchers and throwers who have aspirations to play at the highest level; the success of the program has far exceeded our expectations.  Again this past season we had seniors accept offers to play at the college level, while our underclassman made big jumps in there strength, velocity and on field performance.  We have spent the last few months reviewing the data we collected throughout the program and are hoping to build upon the momentum that was created in our previous seasons.  We are contacting you because you have been identified by our staff or high school coaches in the area as someone who would benefit from this rigorous training program.

This year’s program will again be closed to the public, we are sending specific invites to players who we feel would most benefit, and be able to manage the workload.  ATA will be a complete off-season regimen designed to monitor all throwing and address individual and group deficiencies.  The periodization of ATA will account for the throwing volume needed at any given point in the off season and address each individual’s needs.  We have added seven Saturday sessions to this year’s program in November and December to focus specifically in the strength phase.

Each session will include a combination of strength and explosive training with hip mobility, shoulder maintenance and core stability, and overall explosive endurance.  Each athlete will also have supplementary lifts to execute on their off days each week prescribed by our staff.  The ATA athletes will log results and teaching ques throughout the program to measure improvements and get the most out of the experience.   
The program will include bullpen sessions, when applicable in the training phase, Driveline specific exercises, aggressive underload and overload throwing, pitch development throwing and progressive throwing drills to promote proper mechanics and address any needs.  The percentage of throwing per session will vary based on the phase of the year.
Sample Day
5 to 5:20
foam role, working warm up, hip mobility, flexibility, shoulder stability
5:20 to 5:45
throwing progression
15-30 pitch bullpen
5:45 to 6:30
weight room total body strength building session with cool down and stretching
*The ratios of each segment will vary by the phase.  There will be phases where no throwing is done.
Program Specifics
Day: Tuesdays and Thursdays (Saturdays in Nov/Dec)
Time: 5:00 to 6:30pm
Start Date: 9/10
Payment options:
Paid in full up front: $950

monthly payments due at first session of each month

Sept – 6 sessions $120
Oct – 10 sessions $200
Nov – 10 sessions $200
Dec – 9 sessions $180
Jan – 8 sessions $160
Feb – 8 sessions $160
Mar – 2 sessions $40
Keep in mind that the program is designed to last the entire off season and requires that commitment.  
To find out if this program is for you please contact Dylan or Chuck at 248 874 4920

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