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Complete Program Listing: New 5 Man ITB – Indoor Tee Ball League

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New 5 Man ITB – Indoor Tee Ball League


11/04/2018 2pm - 12/09/2018 3:15

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Grades 4, 5, and beginner 6 year olds




VSTC Intro to Travel Baseball

Fall Tee Ball League

Created by Baseball Players for Baseball Players


Our ITB Spring and August leagues were a huge success and helped kids learn to play baseball.  The pace of play and the frequency of repetitions kept the players engaged and excited about playing.

We’re excited to be adding a younger version inside the facility for 4, 5 and beginner 6 year olds.  The program will feature skill development rotations on hitting, catching, fielding, throwing and baserunning.  Each week we will finish with an organized game that will begin with a tee and progress to a front toss or full pitching from the coaches.




boys and girls ages 4, 5, beginner 6.

*Limited to the first 14 players who register*


Sundays 2pm to 3:15pm

Dates: 11/4 to 12/9 (skips 11/25)


Varsity Shop Training Center





If you have questions or would like to register contact the VSTC at 248 874 4920 or visit our website: www.varsityshoptc.com

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