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Complete Program Listing: Travel Ball Elite Development

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Travel Ball Elite Development


02/11/2020 6pm to 7pm - 03/17/2020 

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Grades Ages 8-10




Travel Ball Elite Development Program

This program is designed for ages 8-10.  It will run at a high intensity and is for focused athletes who are looking to prep for the upcoming season. The program will have elements of strength, speed and agility work, defensive skills, and hitting development tracked by Rapsodo. Metrics will be gathered and charted to track progress throughout the 6 weeks.  Space will be limited to 8 athletes and will cover the following focus areas from week to week:

  • speed and agility development and competitions
  • core stability work
  • beginning strength principles
  • defensive skill development (very limited throwing, if any, to protect against overuse)
  • hitting with force (measured by Rapsodo)


6pm to 7pm

2/11 to 3/17

cost $200

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