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I.T.B. Winter Prep and Tee Ball

Winter Prep Programs

We are currently heading into the third season of our Intro to Travel Baseball League.  Last Season’s Summer session was filled with a waiting list, and we introduced our first fall season as well.  We are already getting requests for our 2020 spring session.  

For the first time we will be running an ITB winter prep program to help develop the skills needed to have success in the league.  While there will be game play each week, the prep program will focus on skill development and learning rules/strategies.  The ratio will look like this:

60 minutes:

  • throwing mechanics
  • catching and fielding the ball
  • base running
  • team infield play
  • hitting development

30 Minutes:

Game play (goal is to get 2 innings each week)


The Varsity Shop Training Center ITB Tee Ball League

Built as a prelude to the 5 man ITB League by VSTC Director Chuck VanRobays this league is designed to teach the rules and fundamentals of the game while keeping it fast pace and fun.

Wednesdays 5:45-7:00 pm
11/13 to 12/18

16 spots available
2 teams of 8 players per team

cost: $185

30 minutes of skill development

  • base running
  • infield play
  • throwing
  • hitting

45 minute games for 5 weeks