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Complete Program Listing: 2021 Prospects

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2021 Prospects


01/04/2021  - 03/08/2021 

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Grades Grades 6-8




Prospects is our baseball performance strength and conditioning program for middle school players.  The goal is to work towards the MVP Advanced workload and will overlap with some parts of MVP.  All workload is adjusted accordingly to the ability of each of the athletes.

MVP advanced will be a new program built to take our traditional MVP program to the next level.  The program will be designed around testing and promoting in the following areas:

  • Speed

Our SPARQ electronic timing system will be used to digitally monitor achievements throughout the program.  Weight room work will supplement each players need ability to create force and increase speed

  • Strength

Our work in the weight room will be designed to develop each players core and protect each players shoulders.  The athletes will focus on multi-joint movements to improve muscle growth and explosiveness.

  • Hitting velocity and distance

Athletes will test regularly with results being promoted on social media to help with the recruiting process.  The hitting portion will use Rapsodo to quantify results.  Our staff will use core velocity belts and rebels rack as devices to assist in helping develop force and proper hitting posture.


2021 Session – 1/4 to 3/8 (3/10 and 3/12 make up dates)

Monday and Wednesday – 4pm to 6pm
Friday – 4pm top 5:15pm

Cost $550

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