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Complete Program Listing: 2021 Youth A.T.A.

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2021 Youth A.T.A.


02/08/2021  - 03/29/2021 

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Age Group

Grades Ages 10-13





The Youth Advanced Throwers Academy program is designed for serious youth athletes who are looking to improve their throwing velocity and movement quality.  Youth ATA is based around the principles of our ATA program which is currently helping over 45 highs school athletes make significant jumps in velocity.  Dominic Downs is the facility’s Director of Pithing Development.  He currently runs the ATA program and will over see the youth ATA program as well.

The program will run for 75 minutes and include the following aspects:

  • hip mobility
  • shoulder stability and range of motion
  • proper throwing technique
  • driveline ball throwing
  • weekly measuring of throwing velocity
  • total body strength week

Mondays 2/8 to 3/29


5:30 to 6:45

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