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Complete Program Listing: Summer Collegiate A.T.A.

Date Info


Summer Collegiate A.T.A.


05/31/2021  - 08/27/2021 

Program Details

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Summer Collegiate A.T.A.

(Advanced Throwers Academy)

Whats included?

  • Individualized assessment with Pitch AI Biomechanics Report
  • Individualized throwing program based on the Biomechanics report
  • Strength Training Program
  • Mobility Training with FRC practices
  • Pitch design sessions using Rapsodo
  • Programmed for 6 days a week in Drivelines TRAQ Software

Who is it for?

If you are a collegiate athlete looking to gain velocity, develop your pitches, get stronger and more mobile, this program is for you.  It is designed to work with both in season and out of season athlete.  Our staff will design the program based on your needs.


Our staff will consist of former collegiate and professional players and coaches.  The coaches have certifications in the following:

  • Driveline Foundations of Pitching
  • Rapsodo Pitch Design
  • FRC
  • CSCS Strength Training
  • IFPA Sports Conditioning Specialist

Any specific questions regarding the program please contact our Director of Pitching Development at 248 736 2353 or email dominicdownsvstc@gmail.com

Program Details –

5/31 to 8/25


5pm to 7pm


6pm to 8pm

$600 total, ($200 per month)
There will also be a one time additional $110 fee for your pitch AI Membership (this is a one time annual fee)

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