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Complete Program Listing: Winter College Velocity Program

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Winter College Velocity Program


12/01/2020  - 01/16/2021 

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Grades Collegiate




College Winter Program (Dec 1- Jan 16, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-12:30pm, 11am-1:30pm or 12pm-2:30pm) 


The Varsity Shop will be offering a Winter Development Program. There will be three sessions each training day; 10am-12:30pm, 11am-1:30pm, and 12pm-2:30pm. This is a data driven program that focuses on velocity and pitch development. Open to players of all positions, each athlete will go through an individual assessment. Following, the athlete will sit down with our Trainer and map out a plan to help them achieve their goals for the entire summer.


What is Included:

  • Access to TRAQ Software
    • The Varsity Shop Training Center uses the Driveline TRAQ Software to help athletes know what they need to do each day.


  • Access to Video Library
    • Each workout will have video links attached to them showing our trainers demonstrating and explaining each drill.


  • Individual Strength Workouts
    • Each athlete will have individual strength workouts written by our strength certified trainers that focuses on building muscle, explosiveness, and baseball specific strength.


  • Individual Mobility Routines
    • Each athlete will have an individual routine to complete weekly that focuses on their areas of weaknesses. The mobility work will be written by our certified FRCms instructor.


  • Individual Nutrition Guide
    • Each participant will be given a nutrition guide and educated on how to manage their macros (carbs, fats, and proteins) using the MyFitnessPal App. Each athlete will be provided a program to gain, lose, or maintain weight.


  • Individual Throwing Routines
    • With the use of Driveline plyocare Balls, weighted balls, regular 5oz balls, med balls, PVC Pipes, and the Core Velocity Belt, each athlete will have an individual plan written for them on helping them improve their mechanics.


  • Pitch Development
    • With the use of Rapsodo, each pitcher will be able to work 1 on 1 with our Driveline Certified Pitch Design Instructor on developing their arsenal through data and analytics.

Cost Breakdown –
$50 a week or $300 for the entire session.

Credit cards on file will be charged on the first day of each month.  To reserve a spot in this program please contact us my email at either chuckvan17@yahoo.com or ddowns@rc.edu

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