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The VSTC Strength, Speed and Conditioning Program will provide athletes with an opportunity to better the physical attributes necessary for them to compete at a higher level. An experienced, educated staff will evaluate, prescribe and execute the proper training plan for each athlete or group of athletes.


There is a path to follow for all athletes, but each athlete will start at a different place on the path. The most successful training method for making athletes bigger, stronger and faster is explosive, multi-joint training with an emphasis on plyometrics. With this in mind, athletes must have a solid foundation of core strength to safely and efficiently perform this style of training. Each athlete must be evaluated and prescribed individually with a long term goal in mind.

The VSTC Strength Speed and Conditioning program will feature state of the art performance equipment. The Vertimax V8, shown in our scrolling photos and videos, is designed to increase the athletes’ speed, vertical jump, and overall explosive power. 48 professional sports teams and over 150 colleges or universities are currently also using this product to help their athletes reach new levels of performance.

To learn how you can take advantage of the VSTC Strength, Speed and Conditioning program contact our director by phone at (248) 874-4920, or by email: chuck@varsityshoptc.com

We look forward to working with you.

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